During our company’s more than 20 years history, we have successfully delivered reliable systems for customers in various industries, including:

Telecommunications (wireless, fixed-wire and Internet)

Billing systems

  • Service packaging and tariff management
  • Subscriber call rating and charging
  • Customer billing, discounting, payments and cash management
  • Roaming and interconnect call rating and settlem

Customer Care (post-paid and prepaid subscribers)

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Subscribers Provisioning and subscription management
  • Customer Loyalty Schemes and Churn Management
  • Integration with Call Centre solutions
  • Web-care and self-care systems

Telecommunication networks mediation

  • Mediation frameworks and Network Element interfaces for Service Provisioning
  • Charging Data collection and prepaid subscribers management
  • Network protocols, signalling (SS7) and IN (CAMEL, INAP)

Data Warehouse, data mining and reporting


  • multi-modal transport management: LCL and FCL trucking, shipping, rail and air freight
  • container terminal management
  • distribution


  • excise management and control (EMCS)